Jinnifer is a true goldmine of skills and talent. She built four websites from the ground-up for me (1 on Wordpress, 2 on Shopify, and 1 on Squarespace), and she continues to maintain and promote them on a daily basis using email marketing, social media management, SEO, and outreach to niche influencers.

In addition to her dearth of technical know-how, she also has a real talent for photography, graphic design, and writing—having created all of the visual content on all of my current websites and campaigns.

She has considerably grown the online presence of our brands with her out-of-the-box idea generation, expert execution, along with her friendly and professional demeanor. You really do get the best bang for your buck when you bring Jinnifer onto any project that you are developing.”
— Eric Winston, SFDS
Talent powerhouse does not begin to describe Jinnifer. A phenom of creative energy and a skilled tactician, the one mistake you can make with Jinnifer is to underestimate her.

Exceptionally driven and motivated, I am amazed at the volume she produces. 
Regardless of task or medium, Jinnifer simply excels. Bar-none, I can not think of a single individual whose skill set reaches quite so far.

Savvy, agile, quick-witted and well-spoken, I enjoy the intellectual banter Jinnifer always brings to the table. She understands concepts and breaks them down so sharply, that all around her are better for her presence. If Jinnifer is on a project, you can be assured that success is the only outcome.

I could not say enough to ever capture the brilliance that is her lightening in a bottle. 
Stacked against any talent pool, I would gladly pick Jinnifer over the entire lot.
— Scott Starweather, Some Code I Wrote
Jinnifer was a pleasure to work with, she promised us 50 pictures that we could choose from. When she uploaded the options, it was over 70 photos. This was ready within about 48 hours start-to-finish, 3 days ahead of our scheduled deadline. 

I love the final product pictures, and my vision came to life in Jinn’s studio.
I am looking forward to working with her on future projects.
— Orville Broomfield, Ultimate Shower Head
Jinnifer is a STELLAR photographer with a real eye for capturing candid, thoughtful photos that are full of life. She’s so outgoing and enthusiastic, and I really feel that it comes through in her work.

I’d recommend Jinnifer for just about any photography project- formal, informal, candid, fashion, music, wedding...she can do it all!
— Amber Squires, SunRun
Wonderful graphic design work for many of the bands I have played in. Jinnifer worked on album payouts, button designs, logos, website layout, flyers, and t-shirt designs.

I was very satisfied by her quick service and ability to capture the look and feel I wanted for a design. I plan to have future design work done by her.
— Bryan Stewart, Musician
I hired Jinn before she had much experience in I/T and paid to have her trained because I could tell that she had great, raw talent. She learned a lot in a short period of time and handled my company’s server needs very well.

It was so smooth with her that I didn’t even need to know what was going on. What a blessing!
— Doug Gilbert, Ambature

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