Producing a Kickstarter Campaign

A new year, new projects!

Today, I launched my first-ever Kickstarter project for a client (which became over-funded and became featured on their "Projects We Love" section in under an hour). It's only day one, but I am going to go ahead and call that a success! I can't wait to see how it all fleshes out.

My role in this campaign was that of the wearer-of-many-hats, wherein I wrote, shot, produced, and edited their short video (which is absolutely essential for any successful campaign), along with copywriting all of the text for the project description, blog posts, social media updates; as well as having photographed the pieces, and created all of the graphic design for various uses.

Whew! That's a lot!
And all of this was taken from idea to full-launch in just under a week, so it was definitely crunch-time.

Without further ado, allow me to present Boneyard Pet's 4th Kickstarter Project: Brushed Aluminum Dinosaur Skeleton Scultures:

This campaign will only run for 30 days, so if you were looking for a unique, exclusive, limited-edition art piece for your office or home...this is such a great opportunity!


The Kickstarter campaign finished on February 24th with the following stats:

  • Ran for 30 Days
  • 43 Backers
  • $12,543.00 total pledges
  • Average pledge $292.00

I learned SO much from this project, and by doing extensive research into other successful campaigns while it was running (although the best practice is to do your research FIRST!), as well as having access to the capital required for proper paid promotions, among other things.
If you are thinking of starting a Kickstarter project and are looking for some consulting, writing, photos, or graphics, hit me up!

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