Selling Stock Photography

For Fun and Profit

I began my journey in selling stock photography in January of this year, and even though getting my submissions uploaded have been a bit on the back burner (eep!) with all of my other projects going on, I do make it a point to carve out time to curate my catalog, process and format the photos, and get them up.

I am currently only uploading to Adobe Stock (and my website obvs) at this time, but I plan to branch out into other sites in the future, as time permits. A lot of the literature on the subject recommends uploading thousands of photos and giving it about 2-3 months before anything sells.

Well, I have uploaded only about 6 photos so far, and though it has been about a month or two since those uploads, I am proud to say that I made my first sale this morning on Adobe!

Selling Stock photography online

The photo in question is actually a snapshot of my husband lounging around on vacation, and the focal point was his wedding band. I shot it with a borrowed Nikon D700 (as in the wake of having my equipment stolen, I am still saving up for an upgraded replacement...a Nikon D750).

<-- So, check it out!

If you are interested in also purchasing this lovely photo (or more!) for your blog, brochure, or other applications, you can do so here at on my website (where I will retain more of the profits), or on Adobe which is an industry-trusted source for quality content.

Jinnifer Douglass is a full-time freelance web designer, photographer, writer, graphic designer, and consultant. She lives in NYC where she enjoys making the internet, taking pictures of birds, and Hearthstone. She can be reached via email, Linkedin, Facebook, and Instagram for project proposals and interesting conversation.