All of my Photographic Equipment has been stolen :(

Earlier this month, my Brooklyn apartment was broken into and all my photographic gear was stolen.

My camera, all of my lenses, my filters, my batteries, chargers, straps, and all of my other gear were all in one bag, which was taken while I was at work.
Yes, I did file a police report, but so far, nothing has turned up :(

Since photography is such a significant portion of my livelihood, I desperately need to replace my missing equipment in order to continue to work.

100% of your GofFundMe donations will go towards to replacing my burgled gear, which has played such a large part in earning my (small) income, and which I have been dutifully collecting and caring for over the past several years.

I'm despondent. I first picked up a borrowed camera about 12 years ago to help lift myself out of a depression and I haven't put it down since. It's the ONLY creative outlet that I have ever been able to keep my interest in for any significant amount of time. Additionally, it also provided me with a professional skill that I could use to aid in my making of a living.

I know that times are tough for everyone, and as such every single penny of your donations will be appreciated more than you can ever know.
I am not one to beg, nay, to even ask anyone for help , this is exceptionally hard for me on many levels.

Every one who donates will receive a framed photograph of their choice from my catalog as a thank you and as a token of my utmost gratitude.