Aesthetics and technology are my two main passions, and I am fortunate enough to live in a time where the two seamlessly mesh together more than ever before.

Born in California, raised in Arizona, and now residing in Brooklyn, New York I am available for local in-house, or nationwide (remote) creative work. I thrive on servicing a diverse portfolio of different industries and bringing their brand's vision to life! From florists to research laboratories, I can do it all (or, as we call it in 'the business': full stack)!

My creative output, and dedication to providing professional and aesthetically effective design solutions, are a major source of pride for me. I am committed to providing my clients with a high quality end-product at affordable rates with quick turnaround times and warm, personal service.

I'm passionate about my work, have an intense curiosity about the world around me, and harbor an insatiable love of learning and knowledge.

I understand that time is money, and will take complete responsibility for seeing every one of our projects together through from an abstract idea to a tangible product with trackable results.

You can rest easy and take confidence in your projects being in the right hands with me. My granular attention to detail, uncompromising work ethic, and enthusiasm for delivering a satisfying and successful job well done are what drive me to develop and maintain a variety of top-notch services to a multitude of small businesses, startups, and individuals.

Education & Certifications

                                                                                      Collins College, Tempe AZ
apple certified mac tech nyc jinnifer douglass

Software & Platform Proficiency

Photo Editing / Illustration / Graphics:

photoshop and illustrator expert nyc jinnifer douglass

Platform Web Development:

 E-Commerce Selling & Management:

Productivity & Data:

web apps expert nyc jinnifer douglass

Fun stuff:

When I am not busy taking photos, writing code, or designing, I am absolutely buried in my Kindle (I read an average of 30 books per year). I also love traveling, gardening, sleeping, rum cocktails, may or may not have a Sephora 'problem', and am a recovering World of Warcraft-turned-Hearthstone addict (add me: #1899).
I'm happily married to an incredible guitarist, and one day dream of living off-the-grid on a self-sustainable farm (a high-tech one).                                                                            

And: I'm a millennial. I know how they work ;)

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