Do you need a CUSTOM logo?
Do you need it FAST?

I can help!
I will work with you every step of the way, providing REAL TIME updates to your work as it progresses, so we can tweak, edit, and make adjustments as necessary, on-the-fly! How exciting!

I can/will only take on ONE client per day, so that that client receives my whole, complete, undivided attention for 24 hours ensuring there are no other projects on my table that will get in the way of me creating YOUR logo. Awesome, right?

Here's how it works:
In order for me to deliver a quality product made exactly to your specifications within the 24 hour time period, I require the following things in order to establish whether or not we will be a mutually good fit for each other.

1. Timing.
You MUST have 24 hours to dedicate to working directly with me during this process (digitally/virtually/online...not in person or via phone calls).
In order for this to work, we need to be in constant contact.

2. Technology.
On the note of constant contact, you also MUST have a valid digital messaging application that you have 24 hour access to (I accept iMessage, Gchat/Googletalk, or AOL/AIM).
I do NOT accept, or make, voice phone calls. These projects are to be completed via text-based messaging ONLY, this is non-negotiable. This is mostly due to the fact that I cannot send you images via a phone call.

3. "Paper"work!
You must fill out THIS FORM in its entirety and then submit it in order to be put into consideration.

4. Progress!
After I review your form, and based on your deadline, budget, and complexity of the project, we will discuss whether or not our services will be a good fit for each other. Neither one of us is under any obligation to work together if we feel we are not on the same page; alternatively, if we love each other, then this is where we progress to the next step. Exciting!

5. Price negotiation.

These are BALLPARK figures only, they will vary depending on complexity:
1 color + white, text only $50+
1 color + white, text & vector art $100+
2-4 colors, text only $150+
2-4 colors, text & vector art $200+
Text + photography (black and white) $250+
Text + photography (full color) $300+
Hand/manual illustration or painting + text $400+ (black and white)
Hand/manual illustration or painting + text $500+ (full color)

6. Legal.
We both sign a contract and agree to payment terms.

7. Deposit.
Deposit payment needs to be made by the client via Paypal (50% non-refundable deposit to get the work started, I will send you an invoice first).
I do not accept cash, checks, money orders, or other physical tender. I also do not accept virtual currencies such as Bitcoin.
Work will not begin on your logo until this payment has been made.

8. Now we get to work! 
Now THIS is the fun part! I will begin to work on your logo. Every step of the way, I will send you LOW-RES/WATERMARKED preview files for you to review as we go along. This is where I need you to be extremely responsive because I will not be able to move forward without your constant input. I will send you font options, imagery options, color options, composition options, etc, as I am creating them, and you will provide feedback on each one (for example: "Can you move the phone number to the left, and make the text green?").
I will make edits according to each piece of feedback until we both agree that the piece is finished and ready for delivery.

9. We're almost there!
We mutually agree that the piece is ready for delivery, and the client signs off on a finalization agreement.

10. Final payment.
Before I deliver the final piece, the last payment needs to be made. This payment is the other 50% and is also non-refundable.
I do not accept cash, checks, money orders, or other physical tender. I also do not accept virtual currencies such as Bitcoin.
Finalized work will not be delivered until this payment has been made.

11. Final, high resolution, properly formatted, non-watermarked files are digitally delivered.
The logo is now yours!